I took at trip to Las Vegas, a place I’ve been a bunch of times so no need to document, to visit my cousin.  I’m mulling over making a change in my life and thought I might want to move there.  We didn’t do any of the touristy things so it was fun to just […]

Jimmy and I usually take a trip every year for his birthday.  With this year’s lockdown, getting on a plane was out of the question.  Also, we wanted to stay pretty close to home but far enough to call it a vacation. I had avoided going to Reno for years because everyone who’s been told […]

I got a great job offer and when I plan my start date with my new employer I also make sure to take a week for myself.  This gave Jimmy and I the perfect opportunity to take another one of our epic road trips.  This one was ambitious, almost a little too ambitious.  We drove […]

This marked my fourth trip to Paris.  I’d been in spring, summer, fall and now winter.  Christmas is magical in any town but in Paris, it took my breath away.  I walked so much around the city, I lost close to 10 pounds, an added bonus of course.  Now that I’ve experienced every season, I […]

What is my travel personality? I want to see it all, so I’m open to all destinations.  I already know I like to see several places in one trip.  I can sit still at home, I need to see stuff.  I  also already know I’m a shopaholic so on vacation, I make sure to bring […]