Jimmy and I usually take a trip every year for his birthday.  With this year’s lockdown, getting on a plane was out of the question.  Also, we wanted to stay pretty close to home but far enough to call it a vacation.

I had avoided going to Reno for years because everyone who’s been told me it was just a less exciting and very small version of Las Vegas.  Well if you’ve seen the real thing, why visit a knockoff.  I’ve been to South Tahoe a few times and the scenery is gorgeous and since it was near by you’d also get the outdoors as well, we decided to go.  I packed all my cleaning supplies, linen, and PPE and we took off.  Not so surprisingly people were not as diligent as I in protecting ourselves.  I had to tell a few people to back up and cover up but we made the best of it and had a grand time.

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We visited a few trails and stopped in Tahoe on the way back to enjoy the outdoors.  It was a great respite from being stuck in the house for months on end.