I got a great job offer and when I plan my start date with my new employer I also make sure to take a week for myself.  This gave Jimmy and I the perfect opportunity to take another one of our epic road trips.  This one was ambitious, almost a little too ambitious.  We drove […]

This marked my fourth trip to Paris.  I’d been in spring, summer, fall and now winter.  Now that I’ve experienced every season, Christmas was of course magical but that to be expected in just about any city, so my next visit will be during Spring or Fall as the weather is nicer during these months.  […]

What is my travel personality? I want to see it all, so I’m open to all destinations.  I already know I like to see several places in one trip.  I can sit still at home, I need to see stuff.  I  also already know I’m a shopaholic so on vacation, I make sure to bring […]

Paris. I began dreaming of Paris in my early teens.  I’d imagine myself at all the tourist spots and strolling down the streets and avenues just happy as can be because I was in Paris.  I purposely took three years of high school French because my intention was to move to Paris for a few […]

Thanks for joining me.  I’m just getting started so be sure to keep coming back for more as I continue to update the site.  I’ve got tons of pictures and stories from my varied adventures I’ll be sharing.  I’m definitely on a quest to see as much of the world as I can and accomplish […]

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